Erecting a wind farm is one thing, but successfully operating it is another. To enable you to make better use of your resources elsewhere, vortex energy will handle the technical and commercial operational management of your wind farm. In a comprehensive and comprehensible offer you will recognise the advantages our quite individual service provides and how much we can relieve your burden. One major element here is the bringing together of operators, manufactures and owners and the joint efforts to guarantee the success of the entire installation over its whole service life.

In addition we are always on the lookout for better ideas to help you optimise your wind farm. We keep a constant eye on the costs and see to it that the choice of items such as insurance policies is always the right one. This also includes the ongoing optimisation of all relevant contracts, such as lease, maintainance, power and supply agreements. Your can expect to receive from us informative monthly and annual reports and an annual statement of accounts which completely satisfies all the legal requirements. In the technical domain we conduct our own inspections in addition to those of the manufacturers. We monitor your installation 24/7, offer technical support and act as the interface to the grid operator. With our transformer station service we provide servicing and maintenance of the complete electrical infrastructure. As with any service from vortex energy, the principle here is: Our work is always customised and in accordance with your needs.



// 24/7 monitoring of the system status

// Actual and target evaluation of all relevant operating data

// Immediate error detection

// Prompt incident resolution even on weekends

// Detailed reports

// Grounds maintenance and winter service

// Maintenance of the electrical infrastructure

// Operation & maintenance of electric substations



// Personal support for investors and business partners

// Contract and insurance management

// Proper accounting with utilities companies

// Transparent provision of yield data

// Bookkeeping and accounting

// Liquidity management and detailed annual reports

// Direct energy marketing services