vortex energy sends 90 students to the mini-marathon with tailwind

vortex energy sends 90 students to the mini-marathon with tailwind

The mini-marathon as part of the E.ON Kassel Marathon would not be possible without the commitment of partners and sponsors. These partners pay the participation fees, thus allowing the children and young people to enter the marathon free of charge. This is quite a task considering the fact that over 5,000 mini-marathoners are expected again this year.

This year, vortex energy gave the students at Albert-Schweitzer-Schule a pleasant surprise. The company not only paid the registration fees for the 90 starters from Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, but also donated bright shirts for the kids. “Rückenwind für unsere ASSe” (Tailwind for our ACEs) was printed on the shirts and one can be certain that the students will quickly reach the goal in the Aue Stadium. The schools students have been participating in the mini-marathon for five years now, as their teacher Vanessa Dieterich explains.

vortex energy stands for dynamism and stamina in the wind energy industry. “For years now, we have also been promoting the health of our employees and encouraging them to participate in the Kassel Marathon. We provide equipment for this and have already sent a vortex energy team several times”, explains Dr. Florian Leuthold, COO of vortex energy Holding AG. As a company with roots in Kassel, it is thus a logical step to sponsor the mini-marathon. “We are particularly pleased to be able to help introduce the next generation to the sport by supporting the kids of the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule”, says Dr. Till Jeske, CEO of vortex energy Holding AG.

Founded in 2004, the vortex energy group develops, implements and operates wind and solar energy facilities in Poland and Germany with 60 employees. With over 310 MW of renewable energy production capacity and 191 MW wind energy output, 250,000 households are already being supplied with green energy today.

Photo: the Kassel based wind energy company vortex energy supports the students of the Albert-Schweitzer-Schule in Kassel at the mini-marathon with the slogan “Tailwind for our ACEs”. The students and their teacher Vanessa Dieterich (back left) as well as school director Stefan Alsenz (2nd row right), vortex energy CEO Dr. Till Jeske (back, 2nd from right) and marathon organizer Winfried Aufenanger were in the best of moods as the T-shirts were handed out.
(Text source: Kassel Marathon, Photo: Bald)