vortex energy builds a 42 MW wind farm in Poland

vortex energy builds a 42 MW wind farm in Poland

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15. Dezember 2014

The service provider vortex energy has completed the first construction phase of a 42 MW wind farm in Poland. Within a period of three months, the company built the access roads for the Radziejów wind farm, laid the cables and poured the foundations for 21 wind turbines.

vortex energy(link is external) from Germany is the general contractor for the Radziejów wind farm. “We are happy that we were able to finish the work quickly and in time for winter,” said Till Jeske, CEO of the vortex energy group. The company’s next steps will be to build a new transformer substation, so that the wind energy can be fed into the distribution grid, as well as to coordinate the installation of the 2-MW Vestas V90 turbines.

The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2015. The investor for the project is the Italian energy company ERG Renew(link is external). vortex energy will be responsible for technical and commercial management. The service provider expects an annual yield of 130,000 MWh, which is enough for the energy needs of 32,000 households.

“Wind farm projects have to fulfil many technical, environmental and legal requirements in Poland,” said Adam Pantkowski, Managing Director of the Polish subsidiary vortex energy Polska. “For this reason, we seek direct contact with the authorities and provide appropriate studies and analyses upon request. As a result, we were able to get the grid connection for the Radziejów wind farm approved for 2015; not 2018, as the grid operator had suggested.”