What drives us, makes us stand out and brings direct benefits from cooperation


As a company rooted in family tradition we take responsibility not only for our families, but also for our colleagues and friends. We support each other, we listen to each other carefully and we grow together.


We have great respect for nature. We strive to leave a clean environment to future generations. In our activities we focus on sustainable development: we want to do something that serves the society in the long term. How do we do it? With our involvement, passion and knowledge of renewables.


Knowledge of many people gives much more benefits than focused, specialized knowledge of one person. We always offer comprehensive consulting and care to our clients and partners. We combine various areas of knowledge, such as construction, electrical engineering and automation with economics and environmental science. This is how a great tree of knowledge is created. That way we effectively make changes to project fundamentals. But that’s not all – even when the project is at the stage of implementation, we look for niches that could be optimized. Always in line with the needs of our clients and partners.


In our pursuit of top quality we do not differentiate between single wind turbines and multi-megawatt wind parks. Our experience combined with many years of practice clearly shows that happy clients are the most beautiful thing a company can achieve. Our organizational growth and exceptionally short effective ways of communication accompany every project – regardless of its size.


Where there’s will, there’s a way! We always have a Plan B. No matter how complex the project, we find a solution to complete it successfully. We work as long as needed to meet our goal because we love challenges. That is why we accept unfinished projects on various stages of implementation and we find the actions that must be taken to successfully finish the project.