Erecting a wind farm is one thing, but successfully operating it is another. To enable you to make better use of your resources elsewhere, vortex energy will handle the technical and commercial operational management of your wind farm. In a comprehensive and comprehensible offer you will recognise the advantages our quite individual service provides and how much we can relieve your burden. One major element here is the bringing together of operators, manufactures and owners and the joint efforts to guarantee the success of the entire installation over its whole service life.

In addition we are always on the lookout for better ideas to help you optimise your wind farm. We keep a constant eye on the costs and see to it that the choice of items such as insurance policies is always the right one. This also includes the ongoing optimisation of all relevant contracts, such as lease, maintainance, power and supply agreements. Your can expect to receive from us informative monthly and annual reports and an annual statement of accounts which completely satisfies all the legal requirements. In the technical domain we conduct our own inspections in addition to those of the manufacturers. We monitor your installation 24/7, offer technical support and act as the interface to the grid operator. With our transformer station service we provide servicing and maintenance of the complete electrical infrastructure. As with any service from vortex energy, the principle here is: Our work is always customised and in accordance with your needs.


When the wind blows the technical equipment has to work – without fail. A high level of availability will guarantee you maximum energy generation. To make sure the technical side works impeccably, vortex energy offers you as a service technical inspection. Wind turbines are already regularly inspected by the manufacturers. Our additional services with detailed reports and photographic and video records increase the availability to a major degree. Every individual turbine is checked through and through by our specialists. This includes an inspection of the transformer, pressure measurements in the hydraulic system, a check of the tower and of the occupational safety equipment. In comprehensive detailed analyses we get down to the nitty-gritty using an endoscope and infrared camera. We check the gear system for cracks caused by wear and tear, we conduct viscosity tests on the oil, we check the switchgear, the cables, the power converters and the alignment of the generator, we perform measurement and vibration analyses and much, much more. In this way we prevent secondary damage and enhance your installation’s value. The technical inspection can be booked separately as an additional service independently of the operational management.


The legislative authorities lay down that every large-scale operator must trade the electricity generated using wind power and photovoltaic installations on the energy exchange. vortex energy engages in the so-called “direct marketing”. For the German market we co-ordinate all services with experienced electricity traders and on the Polish market we conduct the exchange transactions as licenced traders ourselves. Our skills also include accurate forecasting and efficient balancing management. Our experts find ways of lowering the cost of balancing and of increasing your profit. We supply you at every stage with a clear report which is complete in terms of the law, showing how the electricity you are generating is being traded. You can rely on our tried and tested expertise.