After all, it’s your land

When you enter into discussions with vortex energy we will show you the greatest respect. After all, we know that it’s your land on which we want to generate energy sustainably and cleanly. That’s why we will give you our full attention. You will certainly have a lot of questions to ask us — we will give you all the time in the world. Let’s get together to talk about how your land can be used to secure the future of our society. vortex energy will answer all your questions

Energy through responsibility

To win respect you have to act responsibly. That’s why we at vortex energy enjoy so much recognition among our many partners. Not because we look for a quick deal, but because we aim for a dialogue. We will only be happy when you, as the owner, have taken your decision in favour of wind power with a clear conscience.

Wind preferred

We all know that fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil are finite. And extracting or storing them places an additional burden on our environment. Let us work together to change this. You have the land, we have the knowledge. Wind power is a renewable energy source which vortex energy exploits individually in accordance with your wishes. Our concepts for your wind turbine and your wind farm are clear and transparent.

Tailored contracts

When you work together with vortex energy you are going for tailored projects. Whether you’re a private owner or a municipality, you profit from really flexible contracts, from a variable distribution of payments and from the chance to make a one-off payments. With vortex energy you are exploiting your extremely flexible energy generation opportunities for your wind turbine or, as an energy co-operative, for your citizens’ wind farm. Decide in favour of area or pool models. No matter what project size you implement with us, you can look forward to our expert and passionate team and our quite unique communication atmosphere. We’re with you all the way.


Who are you signing a contract with?

For each of our projects we establish an operator company. vortex energy is the owner of this company and equips it with everything it needs to erect and operate the wind turbines. This includes not only the planning and operating licence under the German Federal Pollution Control Act, but also all the requisite contracts, such as for site use or distances. The advantage: with this model it is possible to involve members of the general public, regional energy utilities and investors..

Who will dismantle the turbine after the period has expired? What is your security?

The operator company – that’s us – is obliged to dismantle the wind turbine. To provide the landowner with extra security, the operator company must also deposit a dismantling guarantee with the competent authority for the whole service life of the turbine. Should we not fulfil our dismantling obligation, the authority will take up the guarantee and have the turbine dismantled. This gives all-round security to every landowner.

Agriculture and cable-laying. Does that work?

Agricultural use of the land is in no way impaired by the laying of cables. The minimum installation depth is 1 metre. This ensures adequate protection of the cables against other damage.

What is a distance space?

Around every building, and that means also around a wind turbine, a defined area must be kept clear of all structures. This area is called distance space. The size of this area is determined in accordance with the relevant state building law. Given the size of wind turbines, their distance space will regularly also lie on neighbouring land; the owners of such land must therefore give their consent to erection of the turbine by issuing a so-declaration distance space acceptance declaration or by means of an easement relating to the distance space .

How much land is required?

For the operating time of a wind turbine we need permanently a paved access road and a crane parking space – only this will make it possible to perform servicing or repairs at any time. Together with the wind turbine’s foundation, this are covers about 2,500 m².

What is a limited personal easement?

This is a property-related right of use to an object by which the owner’s right to this is limited. This means for you as landowner that you permit the operator company to use your land to erect and operate one or more wind turbines. This right must be entered in the land registry.

How is a wind turbine illuminated?

The markings are regulated by the General Administrative Regulation concerning the Marking of Obstacles to Air Traffic. A distinction is drawn there between daytime and night-time markings. During the day the markings take the form of coloured markings and/or white lights, whereas during the night only red lights are allowed. To ensure minimisation of the nuisance from the lights to those living next to the wind farm, the lights must be synchronised. And improvements are constantly reconsidered and installed. For instance, currently a transponder- or radio-controlled light is being developed. This is intended to ensure that the lights are only automatically switched on when aircraft are actually in the vicinity.

What hazards arise with regard to ice shedding?

There are certain weather conditions which can lead to the formation of ice or snow deposits on the rotor blades – mostly between minus one and plus four degrees. The monitoring system uses sensors to determine how great the risk is and automatically switches the turbine off. When the sensors again signal positive weather conditions or if the rotor heating kicks in, the turbine will start up again. As an alternative, operation can be resumed after a visual inspection.

How do we make up for interference with the natural environment?

When constructing a wind farm it may be necessary to take measures which affect the natural environment. These are established and determined by the landscape conservation support plan. The licensing authority can stipulate through this that appropriate compensatory measures be taken, such as replanting on certain pieces of land or the payment of monetary compensation.