We are energy specialists with long years of experience. Not only do we sell electricity (also from renewable sources), but we give advice with extensive industry knowledge. For over 12 years we have been dealing with energy production from renewable sources: we plan and implement grid connections, with excellent expertise in power infrastructure. We also operate wind farms, improving the efficiency of energy generation on a daily basis. We maximize the producers’ revenues from electricity sales by direct participation in the energy market and optimizing transactions on the power exchange.

Our analysts and brokers have over 10 years of market experience. We design individual energy products for our clients, we buy and sell electricity at most economical prices – and we work fast, with certainty and without risk. Our offer is addressed at large renewable energy producers and end customers from tariff groups B and C.



// Sale of electricity for own purposes for end customers.

// Consultancy on optimization of distribution costs related to electricity purchase.

// Audit of bills and contracts for selection of optimal tariff, contractual power output, excess reactive power control.


// Trading of electricity generated in Renewable Energy Sources.

// Management of trade balancing of energy / performing the role
of Balance Responsible Party for RES producers.

// Brokerage in trading on electricity wholesale market.

// Brokerage in Polish Power Exchange transactions.

// Production forecasting for RES producers.

// Performing the role of Trading Operator for RES producers.

// Developing summaries and reports for Producers, summarizing the quantity and value of settlements for electricity sold, according to contracts signed with Obliged Sellers.

 icon1 SAVINGS

Determining the demand for electricity

We will very precisely verify all the items on the electricity bill in order to find whether the current tariff is indeed optimal for the characteristics of electricity consumption.


Attractive price, tailor-made offer

We will prepare a transparent offer in order to optimize the costs and generate savings, and we will supply electricity at an attractive price. We provide flexible and tailor-made solutions for the customer’s needs.


Easy change of provider, full security – without any supply interruptions

We will take care of terminating the previous contract. We check all necessary conditions for provider change, we work in a reliable and secure manner. The client is never burdened with any bureaucratic formalities – in a possibly simple and efficient way we will change the provider, to ensure continuous and smooth electricity supply.

Wholesale electricity trading

As a direct participant of the Balancing Market, vortex energy Poland Ltd. makes wholesale transactions on the energy market. We are an active trader on the Polish Power Exchange (PolPX/TGE). Ongoing participation in the energy market, with transaction in every hour of the day allows us to properly manage risks and specify the best moment for transactions on the energy market. We cooperate with energy producers, offering them best solutions and terms of sale of electricity they produce. We provide our customers with complete reports, detailing all transactions and containing the settlement of energy produced.

Trade balancing and RES production forecasting

On behalf of our clients, vortex energy Polska Sp. z o.o. cooperates with legally specified Obliged Sellers. Our competences include accurate production forecasting and effective management of trade balancing of energy. Our experts find solutions to reduce costs of trade balancing. We also provide production forecasting services for wind farms, on a daily and hourly basis.

 Electricity sales for end users

With a licence for electricity trading, we sell it to end customers, and we provide audit services for optimization of distribution costs of electricity purchase. Audit of bills and contracts, focused on selection of an optimal tariff, contractual power and excess reactive power control allows for reduction of energy bills. We sell electricity with a fixed price guarantee, and provide the highest standards of after-sales customer service.


Energy Turnover Expert for Electricity Sales

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